Last year, we met a young IIT-‘X’ dropout who was - to simply put - great at content. Layers of anecdotes peppered within micro-chapters of context leading into clickable memes and what not. We loved his work so much, we asked him to join us.

The young man, however, flinched every time we said “…we love your writing!” He had worked for about a year in a B2C startup as a generalist, and his ‘analysis of all functions’ made him very sure that he wants to be a Product Manager.

At that time neither of us were ready to mentor and groom a newbie PM, and so we all decided to let this pass.

Fast forward a year or so. Last few months, quite a few young folks - engineers, educators, designers, app-developers, some even final year IIT-X students - have reached out to me for a Product Manager role at Kubric. Also in the last few months, in the extremely engaging & super busy Product School Slack-Channel, I’ve started observing posts like these:

Fresh Engineering Graduate - Email
Slack post for APM

In short, everyone wants to be a PM.

Want to be a PM - Bollywood Meme
Mandatory Bollywood Retro Reference, Cause Posted By Elder Millennial.

There’s a visible shift in the Global & esp. Indian Tech Ecosystem. Around the time I was a student at ISB, Product Management hires were either going to MSFT or Google or nothing. This year, when I went back to ISB to hire PMs for us, we were one of many product companies who were hiring for the same role - in fact after the Consulting, Product Management is an extremely lucrative role for ISB grads.

India is truly becoming a product-first economy. The “why” of this merits a separate post in itself.

Inspite of this big shift, there is still a dearth of structured programs that groom young people into product managers and eventually product leaders of tomorrow. Kids go into engineering, b-schools, design schools.. but there is no PM School.

In the valley, for the Slacks, Lyfts and Googles, APM Programs are a unique method to get these young diverse personalities from humanities, technology, arts, sciences, engineering together in the same room with Real-World Product Managers and learn the tricks of the trade, immersively. Grooming. Mentoring. Growing. Almost like a School for young PMs.

But there is no such option in India, or Asia at large.

This leads us to a bit of a news. We’re launching the very first of its kind Content APM Program at Kubric. The first cohort is in the works, keep following us to see how it all unfolds.

Both us founders, we’re product creators with decades of apps, systems, solutions and platforms between us. We believe in the synthesis of powerful systems and human emotions. We thrive in diversity, structure, chaos, frameworks and hustle. And we’re on a mission to transform the Creative & Content Ecosystem. Why not bring on board young, diverse, analytical and creative young people to help build out our unique young, global enterprise product with us?

More importantly, if you’re a product leader and interested to mentor our young diverse APMs or help refine the program structure out over the next year, pls contact me at [email protected].

Oh, did I mention? When an analytical visionary meets great content, sparks fly.

Creative sparks, in fact.

Meme - Google APM vs Kubric APM