Barada Sahu

Barada Sahu

Video | Distributed Systems | Deep Learning Building the next generation of creative infrastructure. Engineering creativity and building data loving products.

The Remote Tenet

What are we as humans, if not social. Is the workplace a place for "only work"? Isn't a modern workplace also a thriving social hub - where we forge genuine friendships and connections? From a company to an online work community. What does it mean to be a remote team?

The Future of Design - A Cambrian Explosion

The miniaturization of computing devices and pervasiveness of the internet has led to a different kind of consumer demand. The shift of the consumer attention has moved from the physical space to the online space. Consumers now demand far more interactive, newer and adaptive content formats

The Future of Design - A Prelude

Crafted content is timeless and who doesn't like things which are well crafted. But crafted has a price, it's thought out and often slow baked. Can we drop production costs with better tooling and create stuff without sacrificing on quality associated with crafted content?
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