Paroksh Saxena

Paroksh Saxena

Currently working at Kubric. Past Goldman Sachs, Myntra. B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT-Bombay.

Diwali Feels — It’s not outside, it’s within!

For the majority of my previous Diwali celebrations, I have always been at my home. Getting in the morning with a list of things to do from my mom — “Diye dhoondh lena”, “Mithai thali main rakh lo”, “Nariyal kahan hai?”, “pooja ki thali saja do”, “Bandarwal laga do gate pe”

We cannot let our guards down. Not now!

Recently I read in news, India has overtaken the UK and now stands at 4th position in the overall tally of the number of coronavirus cases. Winning is good, but not every time. The number of cases in India is increasing rapidly and it scares us all. After having gone

Magic Link for Sign-in

With password policies becoming harder to deal with and way too many different passwords across systems, it becomes difficult to track them and thus sign-in experience of a user is affected. Let's find out the magic behind smooth sign-in experience for our users!

Growing next-gen Ninjas

Today I am going to talk about some things to take care of while mentoring your juniors. This blog encapsulates things I learnt from my great mentors at Myntra, Goldman Sachs and now at Kubric. It also covers some of my own experiences mentoring my juniors at these companies. Be

From local deployments to continuous deployments

We had to move to a central deployment structure which gives us visibility around deployments and has easy rollback abilities. Moving to CircleCI was a no-brainer but setting it up right needs an understanding of Keys in Containers
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