Ship’d: April 2020

2020 has been... different. We're taking this challenging time to put all our efforts into improving Kubric. Here are the release notes for April 2020.

Kubric is evolving. We've been busy building awesome new features and power-ups for you.

Covid-19 Update: As a team of people who love collaborating, it was a challenge moving to a completely remote working set up. But we’re having fun doing it.

Here are the release notes for April 2020:

  1. Mimic: Instant, Campaign Wide Changes.

Creative See, Creative Do.

Change is inevitable. Designs you create have learned to adapt. Need to make edits in a large number of creatives? Edit one and simply press “Mimic”. Kubric will find all creatives similar to it. Pick the ones you want, and this feature will mimic your effort across all of them. Guess who just got one more coffee break they deserved?

See how it works:

2. Shutterstock Search and Licensing.

Save From Shutterstock to Kubric.

Use Shutterstock a lot? Your best friends play together well. You can now directly search Shutterstock in Kubric. Use the filter "Source" set as "Shutterstock”. License and save directly to assets.

Instant sharing, worry free licensing

3. Creative Editor: Refresh

A Makeover to More Fun.

The creative editor has been redesigned to be responsive. We’ve added some great new features. Like the in-place asset picker which shows your assets with previews and pick them directly while editing. We call it the “The Fab Editor.”

4. Asset Image Editor

Cmd + K to Command Your Assets.

Asset editor is now redesigned, and more powerful. It has added support for filters like background removal, and adding solid black/white backgrounds. The images you edit here can be used in the picker directly.

The new asset image editor

5. Storyboard Access From Assets

There is now a “Storyboard” folder in your assets. You can also jump right into the studio from the “Open in Studio” link.

Access from assets, Click "Open in Studio" to jump directly

That's all for April, folks!

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