Ship'd: August 2020

Tl;dr - Automated campaign generation (4x faster), All your designs as assets & A whole lotta integrations.

The fundamental idea that guides us remains the same as we make Kubric powerful and better. That is, reducing all possible grunt work for designers, so that you can work on creating things you love. We’ve continued on this mission in the last month, with a bunch of exciting new features.

(Psst.. Something big is coming up pretty soon - watch this space for more!)

Here are release notes for August 2020:

1. Feature Release: Campaign Automation

Say hello to a new (read: 4x faster) workflow for generating creatives.

Kubric now has exposed APIs to integrate with your internal campaign platform for generating creatives. In simple terms, it means you’re free from a bunch of follow-ups & redundant tasks around data sharing and the downloading of creatives.

To begin, all you need to do is integrate Kubric's campaign APIs with your ad platform/data sheet. Once intergrated, Kubric will automatically collect the data, create your campaigns, generate those creatives, and publish it on your application/ad platform - without taking any of your time!

In our initial test, this process has reduced the TAT for the generation of creatives by almost 75%.

Excited? We’ve got something more; you can keep even live tabs on the generation status of the creatives.

If you’re interested in implementing campaign automation for your organization, share the following instructions and links with your development team:

  1. Get an auth token:
  2. Send data to Kubric using the task API:
  3. Receive final creative at the webhook endpoint registered using the API here:
  4. Check the status of the creative generation task anytime using this API:
  5. Reference for all APIs here:

2. New integrations in the 🏠

  • Stock images from your favorite platforms, directly in your workspace: Finding that perfect stock image just got simpler! Kubric now integrates with Flickr, Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels. You can also embed videos directly from Youtube. Simply check the “Source” tab in the asset library. Voila - pick your platform, and search for images within Kubric.
All integrations show up in the ""Source" tab
  • Shutterstock licensing: We have improved the licensing and tracking process for integrated Shutterstock accounts. Worry-free licensing, instant sharing.
  • Azure and S3: You can share your Azure/ Amazon S3 credentials along with the folder info. Your files will automatically sync to Kubric once a day. (If you're interested setting this up for your organization - please reach out to us at [email protected]. We'll get you started right away.)

3.  All your designs as assets.

Select any shot to edit it in studio directly

4. Stuff we’re excited about.

  • Automatic music generation is coming soon! Think piano melodies & accompanying drum tracks. Think license-free music, composed just for you. Stay tuned for more :)

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That’s all for this month, folks! Until next time:

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