A Quick summary of major announcements made at Firebase Summit 201

The Big Announcement — Firebase Extensions

Firebase Extensions are pre-canned firebase solutions as a service. They are well tested & deployed on Firebase & GCP Environment. Personally I wish there were more extensions, right now there are 9, Sync with Mail-chimp & Resize Images being the most popularly discussed. Hope that this grows into a bigger marketplace in future.

For the web developers ❤️

  1. Remote Config is now available for web (Finally). Now you can deliver more personalised experience for your web users easily.
  2. Google Analytics integration with Firebase is now supported for web. This enables you to segment your audience, trigger actions, and record events and track user behaviour on your app.
  3. Web SDK releases for Remote Config and Analytics are open sourced now! Really great if you want to write your own implementation to save some package size for your webapp!

For Others 😒

  1. Firebase Local Emulator Suite — Now you can build and test apps locally using Cloud Firestore, Realtime Database, Cloud Functions for Firebase and Firebase Hosting. This is mainly a tooling benefit & improvement in the overall developer experience. Disclaimer- Cloud Functions emulator does not support background functions triggered by Auth or Cloud Storage for Firebase (Yet).
  2. Unveiled Firebase App Distribution — Manage prereleases of iOS and Android apps beta testing program. App Distribution provides one central channel where you can distribute your candidate apps to your testers.
  3. Improved Firebase Predictions interface. This was a feature announced last year. A better view has been shipped this year with more visibility around user’s predicted behaviour and target user segment.

Hope you got a brief idea of what happened at the Firebase Summit 2019. For more detailed insights you can checkout the live stream on Youtube

(Originally Published on Codeburst Medium)