Once upon a time, there was no skies at Kubric. In fact, we had no sky either. It was, well, a ceiling. Tall ceiling, yes. Cool too. Urban, hip, NYC-loft style, grey and white. Half daylight, half late-nights. Sometimes intense, sometimes hazy.

"Sky? Yes it's outside, now let's wrap this release up asap."

Last week though... bang in the middle of a worldwide lockdown, pandemic and once-in-a-century jolt to humanity... something changed. Our skies changed. You asking how? Ah. It all started with ping, a small tiny postcard of a question, in the honey haze of a work-fueled late afternoon.

the butterfly effect

That's it. That's all it took.

Fluttering of a butterfly's wings, and our grey ceilings shifted like clouds after a heavy rain.

And we found out that our skies are poetic and lyrical. They range from high rises to tropical coconut-tree lined homes.

Poetic and not-so-poetic skies
And they're everywhere!

Our skies lie all the way from Tamil Nadu, India to Toronto, Ca to Google.com, Internet.

digitally and physically everywhere
Sometimes we didn't get our skies right at one go.

It took a couple - or more - shots to get it right. Even then, some didn't come out perfect while some did. But that's so OK. That's GOOD. That's fine. We loved all skies the same, as much as we loved perfect skies.

Oh boy, did we discover a universe. From questionable to fashionable, our skies gave a glimpse of into us, and to each other. Oh it also also got us talking about stuff. Paranormal science. Art. Wise cracks. Astronomy. Pets. Quite a range there, and it was just a start.

flexible range, my and my.

There you go. That's how it happened. Covid, lockdown, recession, health, global crisis, economy, code release, client demo - all aside for a moment there. The tribe at Kubric found something rare. That in-spite of it all, in-spite of being inside our homes heavily social distancing, we could transform our old NYC-loft style ceiling to real, colorful, funny, soulful skies.

All because we cared, we connected, we jived.

So now, there are many skies at Kubric. It's just how we roll.