For sometime now due to precautionary measures, it became compliance to work remotely rather than a centralised office for everyone's safety. It was ever so normal for folks to go on individual work-from-home but this is a mass WFH of sorts. How do you manage your time, work effectively together, communicate and not feel isolated and overall remain sane amongst all the mayhem? Well, one thing is for sure, we'll get through it if we stick together (well, remotely ๐Ÿ˜›). We've been transitioning from an in-office workday to remote-life at Kubric too! Find out how we are metamorphosing into a remote workforce overcoming challenges that us new-homies face.
We'll break-it-up for you in 4 easy steps ~

Pamper Yourself

Keeping your health in check while isolating from a hustling work environment can be a chore if you do not keep sleep hygiene. Emphasize a strict sleep schedule especially when you can practically jump from the bed to your workplace. When setting up a home-work-place do make sure its an ergonomic setting that takes care of your back and your eyes. Establish work-life boundaries and try to avoid junk, especially sugary snacks ~ focus on fruit ๐Ÿ‰ .

Enable Visibility

The office space gives us a focused place to communicate/share ideas/talk/even chit chat, being remote takes away the eco-space of communication, so we must strive harder to build a stronger communication when we are in this long-distance-relationship with work. Set up formal and informal ways of communication with your team, share your availability and check your teammates' availability. Decide on the hours you'll be working and make your schedule visible on a calendar. Try keeping a visible-to-all realtime-updating document across the organization & encourage feedback and discussions. One thing we do at Kubric is to send out some daily motivation/tips/quirky notes to make our folks look-forward to those start-of-the-day posters ๐Ÿ“!

Sustain Productivity

Can not stress the importance of setting a dignified location for a 'work' place enough. The plan is to get out of your morning routine, get dressed and get into the headspace of work-time like you would at the office. You could take the extra time that would've otherwise gone in commuting to exercise/meditate/get some extra sleep ;). Once starting - Set up a routine. Define your calendar, your communication channels, keep your task-tracker (Asana/Trello/Jira) up to date, Set clear goals and share your progress. Ideally set goals at the beginning of the week and share outcomes at the end. Share stuff with your colleagues more than you would - some milestone, a good morning message, a meme, a news update or some infographics may be, the idea is to keep the conversations rolling๐Ÿ—ฃ!

Keep the Spirit high

Making remote-work-time as human as we can will help keep the spirits high and turn the panic/mayhem in our minds to ease. Maybe initiate a channel for team members to compete who has the sweetest home-work-desk setup, or share pictures of their goofy pets, or maybe~ try gif battles๐Ÿ˜Ž. You can try out online multiplayer games ~ scribble, quizbreaker, etc. Encourage yourself to take regular breaks ~ maybe play a game/ read a chapter from a book/ try out a small fun episode of The Impractical Jokers, something to make your mind jump out of work but stay in focus mode. To relax try making a power-nap schedule (pzizz - is an awesome app to put you to sleep & wake you back up) or maybe try out some guided mediation (like headspace). Organize full team huddles/townhalls/ initiate a zoom call just to say 'hi!' ~ keeping video calls strictly video, let everyone see you every day!

Above all, figure out what works the best for you, and most importantly be kind to yourself, and to others. Changes take time to get used to and sometimes you might need a little inspiration ~ so responsibly browse pinterest! Now that we are all working remotely, life will feel a little different (little more awesome) and hope this blog enables you to find your zing with it.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe everyone!

3 Cheers for health and success for and from tribe Kubric โค